What Is An Exercise-Induced Asthma?

An Albuterol Inhaler may also be used in the event of exercise-induced asthma attack. You may have exercise-induced asthma if you cough, wheeze or feel out of breathe during or after exercise. An exercise-induced asthma is typically or may only be triggered by exercise or physical exertion.

What Happens During An Exercise-Induced Asthma Attack :

When an exercise-induced asthma attack occurs, our bronchial tubes, the main air passage ways of our lungs, become inflamed.  Our airways will be further narrowed when the muscles of the bronchial walls tighten and cells in the lungs produce further muscus.

Signs And Symptoms Of An Exercise-Induced Asthma :

Apparently when a person suffers from an exercise-induced asthma may display common signs or symptoms like wheezing, tightness or pain in chest, coughing or even severe or prolonged shortness of breathe. Additional symptoms include fatigue during exercise, longer recovery time after exercise or even poor athletic performance.

Causes Of An Exercise-Induced Asthma :

Regular asthma and exercise-induced asthma are similar conditions on a practical level. Exercise may be the only cause of exercise-induced asthma but sometimes can be triggered by allergies, pet dander or respiratory infections. Symptoms triggered by exercise can occur to anyone who has asthma.

Proper warm up and cool down may prevent or reduce the incidence of exercise-induced asthma. For patients with exercise-induced asthma, it is recommended to use an albuterol inhaler 15 to  30 minutes before any physical activity.

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